10 Misconceptions about Social Media in Australia


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10 Misconceptions about Social Media in Australia

In the minds of some business owners, “Social Media” is actually just one of the brand-new buzzwords in today’s worldwide markets. Having said that, this is actually a great deal more– primarily when it comes to business managers.

Social media marketing has turneded into one of the best popular procedures utilized by businesses today to produce more leads, customers, and also profit.

Social making web sites including Facebook, Twitter, as well as LinkedIn have paved the way for numerous business people to connect with locals who require their services and products.

Several firms are actually still staying clear of social media as a method to develop their local business. Numerous of them have stated that it actually may be “an excessive hassle” or “too much of a challenge” or perhaps “ineffective” without trying it out.

Actually, a great deal of small business owner have developed numerous “myths” concerning social media that are actually keeping them from knowing its possibility to create a difference in their profit.

Here are actually the top 10 usual miisconceptions small business owners get about social media, alongside clarifications to assist you receive a more desirable understanding:

1. Social Media Is a Fad For Teenagers
 Adults are Responsible for Driving Social Media Growth World-Wide
 Approximately 67% of Online Adults Use Social Networking Sites

2. Social Media is Too Time-Consuming and Hard To Manage
 Doesn’t Take Long to Set Up; After That, it Only Requires On-going Management
 Social Media Posts and Updates Do Not Require a Lot of Time, but Be Consistent

3. Social Media Is Expensive
 Using the Social Networks is Free
 The Only Real Investment is “Time” or Hiring Someone to Help You
 Overall, Social Media is Less Expensive than Traditional Forms of Marketing and Advertising

4. Social Media: Just Set It And Forget It
 Do Not Stop at Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles
 Post Valuable, Relevant Content on a Regular Basis
 Communicate and Engage with Your Audience Often

5. Social Media Replaces Your Company Website
 Social Media Should be Used in Addition to Your Website
 Connect Your Website to Your Social Media Profiles and Vice Versa
 This Cross-Promotion is a Win-Win Situation

6. Social Media Takes Too Long to Generate Sales
 Social Media isn’t All About “Selling”
 It’s About Building Relationships with Consumers that Ultimately Lead to Sales

7. You Have to Post a Lot to Get Results
 There is No Need to Post Several Times per Day
 Over-Posting Could be a Turn-Off to Your Audience
 Determine a Schedule that Makes Sense and Make Sure Posts are Valuable to Your Audience

8. You Need a Lot of Fans and Followers to Get Sales
 It’s More About “Quality” than “Quantity”
 Target Followers and Fans Who Fit Your Profile for Potential Sales
 Targeted Social Media Engagement Boosts Conversions

9. You Need to be on Every Social Media Site
 Start with Just a Few Social Networking Sites and Build From There
 Where is Your Target Audience Spending Time?
 Branch Onto Different Sites Once You Have a Handle on the Sites You Started With

10. Social Media Isn’t a Good Method for Your Type Of Business
 Don’t Make the Mistake of “Assuming” without Finding Out for Sure
 If Your Business Needs More Exposure, More Leads, and More Customers, Social Media Can More Than Likely Help You Achieve Those Goals

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How to get Started with Online Video Marketing


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Ways to Do Video Marketing

Video Marketing has become one of the most efficient ways to reach your target customer. Not simply do you have the very same advertising advantages that were once linked with websites (Search Engine Optimisation and Social Sharing), you likewise have the added advantage of a medium designed to make an individual hookup with your viewer/customer. There are numerous different methods for you to utilize video in order to market your business. Here are a few to think about:.

Animated or Whiteboard Video.

Animated videos are utilized to draw the focus of the customers’ eyes and focus them on your message. The action in the video is essentially being developed facing the eyes of the audience, in real time.
Simply puts, the message that you wish to convey to the customer is being written in animation online forum, letter by letter so that your customer is part of the experience of “producing” the video. While this aesthetic (cartoon-like) message is being created and introduced, a storyteller is providing an audio commentary of what is being transmitted.
Truth advantage of using computer animated videos is that they work in obtaining customers to focus on the actual video. The main to making an animated video job is to see to it that the targeted consumer it. That means that it’s most reliable when found in a search or paid campaign that’s initiated by a person hunting for particular details.

Screencast Video.

Screencast videos allow you to share your monitor with your audiences. You could do a Screencast video if you have something that you would such as to show to your clients that are on screen and computer system associated. In order to do one, you’ll need some unique software application (sometimes it’s cost-free), which will offer you the capacity to tell while you click and move around your monitor in real-time.
Screencast videos are excellent for customer support as well as enhancing the value of your already existing products. For a business that intend to ensure that the customer can effectively utilize their add-on solutions, Screencast video clips are a fantastic means of providing them a picture of exactly what they could in fact achieve.

Slideshow Videos.

Slideshow video clips are basic to make and typically do not need any additional software. Whether you own a Mac or Windows computer, the capability to develop a Slideshow video is typically resident on your laptop computer or desktop device when you purchase it.
In order to produce a Slideshow video, you will certainly select pertinent electronic photos that you would like to reveal to your customer. In many cases, you will certainly be telling to the customer what they’re viewing in the pictures. In other cases, the photos will be complementary to what you are discussing in the audio part of your video, while not consistently directly related.
When you’re producing videos for your business, the very first concern that you will certainly wish to take care of is ways to describe just what people are going to see. There are two fundamental means to provide customers an idea of just what is in your video.
You can give audiences a thumbnail photo that represents exactly what they will actually view. You should select the most stimulating and aesthetic photo that viewers could appreciate. Secondly, you could develop a title that provokes interest in the audience or consumer. When you compose your title, you’ll intend to do this in a manner that will make folks intend to see exactly what’s within. For that reason, when you write your title, try to stir up wish in the customer and not simply to provide details to them.

Google Hangouts

An easy way for a company to enhance the size of it’s is to enhance the overall variety of leads that the business has with Google Hangouts. By trying to increase the Google+ that a business has, they will get even more individuals to see their Hangouts, and as a result, they will enhance the number of clients that they have to buy their services and products. Some business is making use of Google Hangouts to get customers to 1) invest even more at every transaction and 2) enhance their total number of transactions for a given period of time.

Getting a customer to invest even more for every deal, on average, will mean that a business has to enhance the viewed value of their services and items. Some business is offering their consumers the capability to communicate with business staff through Google Hangouts when they have client problems that need support. The increased level of personal support is something that lots of customers want to pay more for, for product and services.

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Video Marketing FACTS and Benefits




Social Media Marketing For local Businesses – The 7 Rules


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Social Media Marketing For local Businesses 

With so many people using social media it is impossible for businesses to ignore. Your customers are spending an increasing amount of their time online on these networks. They are connecting, socializing, recreating and entertaining all at once. They do this by splitting their time between six networks, Google Plus, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. While there are others, these six capture the bulk of your customers’ time.

A New Way to Market

Because there are so many users businesses are taking to social media to apply a wave of new internet marketing methods. If you have been looking for new ways to market your business, instead of relying on the Yellow Pages, Media advertising or even Search Engine Optimization, Social Media may represent a new opportunity for you and your business. If you pick up on the fundamentals, you’ll be able to maximize your presence on these sites to grow your business.

Unwritten Rules

However, the ways the businesses achieve success using social media aren’t really hard and fast guidelines. Many businesses have developed their own methods through trial and error. However, since 2010, when companies began to get serious about their use of social media certain methods have become “best practices”. In other words, there are certain unwritten rules that some companies follow on social media platforms to achieve success.

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Social Media Marketing For local Businesses

Perhaps you’re already using social media to your advantage in your business. You are likely to find the following helpful. If you add these practices to what you’re already doing, you may see an increase in your customer flow and profitability.


1) Pay Attention To Graphical Details on Twitter

When you set up your Twitter account, use a background that is suitable to your business. Your background isn’t clickable and will be seen by anyone that comes to your profile. You want them to remember your brand, contact details and face upon leaving. However, this will require more than just finding a random image to upload. You will need to invest some time (and perhaps capital) in putting together a solid set of profile graphics.

Your background graphic is the largest and most visible. It is free advertising space, if you have your graphic created wisely. Think of all the pertinent things that you want people to know and have them incorporated into the graphic. This should be everything from your email address to your telephone number.

2) Identify Yourself as a Person, Not as a Business

When marketing your business on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, you will want to make sure that those that follow you know WHO is answering their queries on social media. You should openly say things like, “I’m Mike from Seattle Hardware…”. You want to do this instead of hiding behind the term “we” and corporate speak. Also be prepared to either have someone available or to be available yourself. Those that use social media expect an answer when they are interacting on your platform pages.

Make sure to try to talk like a “person” in your interactions. People (those whom you hope will become your customers and prospects) are looking for personal interaction. If you are consistent in incorporating this ‘personability’ into your marketing campaign, you will find that you are organically attracting people to your brand. Personal conversation that is humble, collaborative, and two-way in nature works best.

3) Be Liberal in Your Use of Media

If social media marketing is new to you this may actually be a good thing. You will not have to un-learn some of the not so good habits touched on in this guide. A number of businesses jump into social media “with both feet” and embrace the need to post often.

This is a good thing. However, many of them post nothing but articles and things to read. What you may or may not realize is that this won’t get your potential customer engaged. It’s more likely to repel them on social media. What people find most compelling on social media sites is media (images, audio and video). A text article probably ranks last.

Here is one way to think about this. Think of the social media sites as places in which you can create a picture and a voice for your business. This is right in line with everyone else that you’re interacting with. They’re using social media as a way to express their thoughts, views and personal preferences.

Your posts represent the viewpoint of your company. Consider social media as the way to communicate who you are, what your product is and what value your product has for potential customers. When you are approaching social media this way, your customers will “get” where you are coming from. Media does a much more effective job of this than words.

4) Make It Easy for Your Followers and Customers to Interact With You on Your Blog

Your blog is your home base for all of your social content. In fact, it could probably be considered as the seventh platform for social media. You want to give your followers, fans and readers every opportunity to get your content continually. This means making sure that subscribing to it is easy.

Have a “subscribe” button easily located on your page, and make sure it is visible with an easy-to-read font and color. If you’re using a program like WordPress, it is very easy to make sure that button appears on every page. You should be providing constant reminders that your fans and followers need to subscribe to get the best of your content.

The process of subscribing should be short and simple. This means making sure that the subscribe button is always above the fold (on the top half of the page) and/or prominently place for your mobile device users. When visitors can find your subscription button with ease and move forward in the process they are more likely to do it.

Regardless of your goal, having more subscribers means that your business activity will increase. If your company is a brick and mortar business, getting email subscribers means that you will be able to market to them often and entice them to come to your location with premiums and discounts. Most importantly, you’ll be able to do so cost effectively.

If your business is an online business, you are helped immensely by more subscribers. You will get more traffic to your website and more prospects in front of your merchandise.

5) Don’t Assume that People Will “Like” Your Fan Page…Ask Them To Do So

The simplest way to get people to come to your fan page, is to ask them to “like” it. There is no need to try to trick people into a “like”. Even if you are able to secure it by promising (and sometimes even delivering) a freebie, they’re likely to cancel as soon as you can. You want people to agree to follow your Facebook Page because they want to do so.

Make sure to ask people to “LIKE” your Facebook page everywhere that you talk about your business. Ask on your Facebook page, on your website, in any advertising as well as in your brick and mortar stores.

Social Media doesn’t often lead to a direct selling or buying opportunity. Candidly, that isn’t the goal of social media anyway. The more individuals that “LIKE” your page, the more they will spread information about your brand through social sharing with their online contacts. Although it is more indirect, it’s a great way to increase exposure as well as your search engine rankings.

6) Have a Bias Toward Starting the Process of Engagement and Interaction – Don’t Lurk

Social media marketing is all about building good dialogue. All the social media sites are based on conversations of one form or another. Use these sites to engage potential customers by telling them what your company is thinking, by making relevant posts and by displaying prominent links to things in your company of human interest.

In addition to this, try asking your visitors questions about what they are looking for. Doing this will help you build relationships by exchanging viewpoints. Being consistent about this often means that you’ll be rewarded with increased sales for your company’s efforts.

7) Don’t Ignore LinkedIn, Even If You’re Not a B2B Company

Because LinkedIn is a business oriented network, many consumer based companies ignore it thinking that they are unlikely to attract their target customer. However, regardless of how you classify your company (B2C or B2B), you’ll want to consider opening an account on the LinkedIn.

While it is true that the site is designed for business professionals, it has features that include ways for satisfied customers to recommend your company to others that can only increase your reputation and credibility. In addition to this, you can often find out about individuals that you may want to hire by watching their interactions on the site as well as in some of the discussion groups.

How A Negative Reputation Can Cost; Do You Have One?


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 How To Fix A Negative Reputation or Bad Online Reviews

A “negative reputation” is being deemed a ruined character to some extent. And NO business can manage to have this tag over their head.
Negative thoughts bordering your company online can cost you every little thing; it can wipe out your company connections, impact your social standing, and influence your capacity to generate brand-new customers.
Just, what is more, annoying is the truth that no one cares whether the adverse remarks made online are actually true– they can be completely incorrect.
That doesn’t mean it must be overlooked. That can seriously hurt your company in lots of methods.

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Negative Impact of a Bad Online Reputation.

The truth is that most customers stay away from doing business with business that have reduced and no reliability. That could sound rough, however, it is the reality.
Think about this … The amount of business owners do you know who risk getting railroaded by individuals or various other companies with a negatively impacted picture?
Almost none. If they do, it’s extremely low key since they do not desire the globe to understand that they take care of them.
No business would like to be related to anything that has a negative reputation since that would certainly put their very own company in a bad . Not simply will this lessen your stability, but it will also cost you customers.
Because it is hard to conduct excellent company if unfavorable issues prowl behind you, the majority of companies are delicate regarding the reputations of their associates.
Your clients and leads feel similar. How can they trust a business that has negative statements all over the web?
Once it’s been online, it will certainly take a lot of and time to correct your company reputation. However, with the right strategy, you could turn points about and construct a solid, positive picture for the globe to see.


Massive Boom of Smartphone Usage How it Has Changed Customer Purchasing Behaviors


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The Huge Boom of Mobile phone Usage

Today’s “mobile phone” has grown into something far more durable than a device that we use to make and obtain phone calls. You’ve probably listened to the term “smartphone” being used these days, but wasn’t certain specifically how it varies from a basic mobile phone.

In summary, a smartphone is a mobile device that is outfitted with various attributes that correspond to a real computer system. Among the most most-used and popular mobile phone functions is the capacity to access the net.

Mobile phones usually have bigger screens than regular mobile phone, in addition to the operating system that is capable of running several different electronic applications.

Not only that, but they have a selection of different kinds of software application that could just be utilized while being in front of a computer merely a few years ago.

There are currently more than 1 BILLION Mobile phone users today and we’re doing a WHOLE LOT with them:.

Sending out and Getting SMS Messages– 90 %.
Viewing Maps– 72 %.
Browsing the Internet While Traveling– 70 %.
Browsing the Internet While in a Restaurant– 64 %.
Browsing the Internet While in a Store– 63 %.

Additionally, we’re …

Sending out and Checking out Emails.
Reading Customer Reviews.
Buying and Making Acquisitions.
Enjoying, Developing and Keeping Videos.
Financial Transactions
Producing, Sending out and Storing Files.
Taking, Sending out and Storing Photos.

… Therefore far more; all at our fingertips.

Do you remember what it was like the very first time you had the ability to doing this a lot with your smartphone? You promptly understood that life was all of an unexpected a lot much more beneficial if you’re like the majority of folks.

We have seen mobiles progress from being a simple way to make and receive calls to being “personal assistants” that aid us manage our everyday lives. Most people cannot visualize being without their most treasured device.


Mobile Has Changed Customer Purchasing Behaviors

Because of the mobile transformation, there have been lots of modifications to the means we as consumers work. This includes the way we read local products, services, and firms. Not only that, yet it has likewise transformed the means we select companies to do business with.

Years earlier, consumers probably never imagined that they would certainly have the ability to whip out their mobile to locate local products and services; in addition to be able to make investments using their mobile .

In a world where everyone is often on the move, mobile users have the capacity to respond exactly the place without being hindered whatsoever.

Because of this, customers could make the choices they require and go wherever they need to address that precise moment. Some researches reveal that mobile browsers are 51 % more likely to respond compared to desktop computer browsers.


6 Web Design Mistakes Many Local Businesses Make


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These Web Design Mistakes are hurting your Business

As a business owner, you probably appreciate the importance of having a good website. Whether it’s to sell a product, gather leads, or simply inform your customers about your company, the right website can dramatically increase your profits.

However, if your website is poorly designed, it will quickly become a worthless expense.

1. Having Too Many Steps

When designing a company website, a common practice is to map out a step-by-step process users go through when using the site. This allows website designers to easily see how many steps it takes for the customer to go from visiting the first page of the site to taking some action.

If the customers have to go through too many steps, they are very unlikely to qualify as a “conversion” – that is a successful website interaction.

2. Not Understanding How Visitors Use the Site

Many businesses do not understand how their visitors use the site. Often, users navigate a website in unintended ways. Some companies don’t spend enough time reviewing traffic information to understand how their sites are being used. Smart business owners review traffic information frequently and adjust web design practices to meet user expectations.

3. Not Having Enough New Content

Finally, the last big mistake most businesses make is not adding enough new content. We are on the internet age where content is KING. Whether it’s search engine rankings, converting prospects to customers, or customer retention, having the right content on your website can dramatically improve your business performance.

Some business owners think posting to their website once and leaving it at that is enough. However, the best business websites regularly post new, helpful content for their visitors.

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Good Website Design

Simple Web Design Tricks That Could Improve Your Website Sales

These little tweaks and changes have helped bring in millions of dollars for business owners just like you. Plus, these changes are inexpensive and easy to implement.

4.Use Less Text on the Homepage

When people navigate to a homepage, they’re looking for information — fast. One mistake many business owners make is putting too much text on the homepage.

In my experience, most businesses can reduce the amount of information found on the homepage and see a higher increase in activity. This helps improve conversions as your customers are not bogged down by having to read too much before deciding whether or not to do business with you.

5.Have a Clear Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is the action you want your customer to take when visiting your website. Instead of trying to cram several different CTAs on one page, have a single CTA and build each page around that. Make it very clear what you want your customer to do and they will be more likely to do it.

6.Make Contact Information Easy to Spot

Many customers on your website are there to find your contact information or physical address. However, many businesses still hide their contact information on certain pages or in very small text. Today’s consumers are extremely impatient; so they probably won’t spend a lot of time on your site trying to dig out your phone number or address.

These are just a handful of tips to improve website conversions. There are many more steps you can take to boost your website performance. Visit my website at http://www.IMresourcesAus.com.au to see some of my other tips or call me at 0418 307 420 you want to talk right away.


Understanding the Fundamentals of Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in order to get additional Clients


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Understanding the Basics of Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Over the past couple of years, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has turned into of the most well-liked methods of on the internet advertising and marketing. This is the procedure of enhancing your internet material to ensure online search engine are locating your web site and noting your local business info for internet searchers.

Among the first and most important rules of SEO that all businesses must understand, is that there is a difference between getting website visitor traffic and obtaining the ideal site quality traffic. Anyone surfing the internet could stumble upon your website, however, in order to turn more web surfers into customers, you have to obtain the right local consumer to your site.

The internet is an enormous area, and if regional businesses would like to make sure they are not only reaching consumers, but getting to clients in their location, they have to implement ‘neighborhood SEO’ initiatives. After all, an SEO project that brings in consumers in Queensland to a local company found in Queensland, is not utilizing SEO as successfully as possible.

The reasoning behind this technique is simple. You need to figure out what type of keywords your target audience would kind into the search engine to locate your business.

Next, you need to establish the right keywords to target the real area of your company. Targeting a regional market with keyword phrases contains including your city to the front or back of your target key phrase.

Instead of utilizing the Search Engine Optimisation keywords words “pediatric dentist” you can utilize the words “Brisbane pediatric dental expert.” This way, you will just have to take on other pediatric dental professionals in your house community, as opposed to every other pediatric dentist from around the world.

This is why establishing the best regional keyword phrase words is so essential. Keep in mind, if you are looking to get to clients in a location with numerous small towns, or if you are a suburban area of a large city, you must also utilize the names of surrounding cities in your optimization efforts.

There is additional to a neighborhood Search Engine Optimisation campaign compared to producing the right key phrase words. If you oversaturate your on-line content with keywords, Google and most other search engines, will certainly flag your site as spam, so keep the overall incident of these keyword phrases to a reduced 3-4 % of your general content.

When creating local Search Engine Optimisation material, it is also important that you add your keywords in a natural sounding way. Not simply does this appearance better to the search engines, however, it additionally looks far better to your possible consumers which will know this content.

Google is the top search engine, it’s not the only search engine. For that reason, make sure to place initiatives into establishing a strong visibility on various other top search engines such as Yahoo and Bing too



Using Local Listing Sites for More Exposure, Optimisie your Listings


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Using Local Listing Sites for More Exposure

There are many local business people who experience the same issue; they establish a website and an online presence, but then they still are not able to leverage the web to introduce their business to new customers.

One of the key ingredient in getting foot traffic in the door of your local business by using local directory listings, and it is something that many local business owners have unfortunately been neglecting.

The internet is a massive, interactive Yellow Pages for your local business. Similar to the phonebook, you will need to be sure that your company name and contact information is getting noticed.

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Using Local Listing Sites for More Exposure, Optimisie your Listings

The process of getting your company name on local listing sites is worth getting more online exposure; and while it can take some time signing several forms, it could be greatly beneficial to any local businessmen. Some of one of the most common local listing sites are actually highly integrated with social media sites, so this may be something that you intend to tackle alongside your social networks campaign.

Google currently has two of the most popular local listing directories. This search portal supervises of Google+ Businesses / Google+ Local. Other popular local listing sites include Yelp, Bing Local and Yahoo Local Listings.

Ensure you also create a Tripadvisor profile in your area. This helps you attract web attention, but it also provides a place for local customers to review your business. So it’s an effective way to convert potential customers into paying customers.

Signing the log in forms for these sites in important, and you will need to make certain that you put as much information as possible about your company on each profile you create. This includes your hours, contact number, address and associated with your social networking sites and websites.

If you have a several URL’s, make certain these are listed as many users will access local listings from their mobile devices.

A profile on among these sites can only help you create a stronger online presence by helping your potential customers find your business during their search.

Most consumers find that local listings that they come across during a search are actually more authentic than the traditional organic search portal results. This is because here, they can access maps, videos, images customer reviews, and address verification to insure authenticity. Having this in mind, taking the time to create a profile for yourself on these listing sites can actually go a long way in bringing customers into your doors.

There are several ways that local businesses can get more attention online. With the right online marketing plan, and employing social media, local listings, local SEO, mobile websites and/or online reputation management, the possibilities are endless.

Using Local Listing Sites for More Exposure
Local Listing Sites for More Exposure